Welcome to part three of “By Design,” The Mayflower’s blog series on art, architecture and culture. In parts one and two of this series, we discussed how our surroundings shape the way we have fun, make friends, and thrive. This week, we continue our behind-the-scenes design tour of the upcoming Club House and Bistro at Bristol Landing at The Mayflower with architect Emily Jimerson.

Whether you’re taking a long walk, planting seasonal veggies in the garden, fishing from the lake shore, or sitting in the shade of a tree, spending time in nature can benefit your physical and mental health. According to Harvard Health, heading outdoors may lower your blood pressure, improve your concentration and creativity, and help your body create more vitamin D.

Likewise, designing buildings with a little extra fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for wellness. According to a Harvard Business Review study on workplace design, working in artificially lit rooms can leave us tired, gloomy and unfocused. By contrast, a room with a view and some natural light can energize us, aid creativity and cognitive function, and buoy our spirits.

As project architect Emily Jimerson and her team at SFCS began designing the Club House and Bistro for Bristol Landing, they planned carefully to take advantage of The Mayflower’s outdoor beauty.

“Nature is a critical component of the Club House’s design,” says Jimerson. “A perfect example is the full-height sliding glass doors leading to the patio and firepit – they’ll let in plenty of sunlight and a picturesque view of the lake, while offering easy access to the outdoors.”

Combined with the interior lounge, open-kitchen Bistro, and full bar, the patio is part of a dining experience that can be adapted to suit the season and weather: Think alfresco dining on a brisk autumn evening … or ice-cold cocktails on the patio to celebrate the start of summer.

There’s plenty to look forward to at the Club House and Bistro – and that’s just the beginning of what The Mayflower has to offer. With brand-new residences, a new Health Center, and so much more, Bristol Landing will create an environment where people can live better, longer.

Keep an eye out for future entries in our By Design blog series – and, to read past blogs, visit our archives. For more information about Bristol Landing at The Mayflower, including renderings and floor plans, visit our expansion website, send us a message, or give us a call at 407-672-1620.