Can warm surroundings spark closer friendships? Does your outlook improve in a room with a view? Possibly, yes. Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, and scientific research suggests our surroundings can shape our lives more than we think.

“Buildings and cities can affect our mood and well-being,” writes Michael Bond for the BBC. “Specialized cells in the hippocampal region of our brains are attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces we inhabit.”

In city planning, it’s well known that isolated architecture contributes to isolated people. Apartment complexes without public spaces are susceptible to crime, higher levels of stress, and even chronic illness. Conversely, people living in connected communities with plenty of greenspace are generally happier, healthier, and more socially active.

As architects got to work planning The Mayflower’s new Bristol Landing neighborhood, their objective was to use the power of design to build a unique neighborhood characterized by connection, conviviality, and comfort. Nowhere is that clearer than in the design for Bristol Landing’s centerpiece: the Club House and Bistro.

“It’s a place to unwind and relax with friends and family over a delicious meal or glass of wine,” explains architect Emily Jimerson of SFCS, the architectural firm selected by The Mayflower to design Bristol Landing. “The open-concept design and welcoming atmosphere of the Club House will quickly make this the ‘go-to’ spot on campus to meet friends for lunch, cheer on the big game, or relax outside by the fire pit.”

No detail was overlooked: From custom carpeting to wood plank ceilings, the Club House will convey an atmosphere of “playful sophistication.”

An open-concept Bistro and full-service bar – decorated with stylish pops of color and three-dimensional accent pieces – will offer an ideal setting for happy hour or lunch. Meanwhile, the outdoor fire pit will provide a multi-functional experience for beautiful weather and cool nights: an ideal spot for a cold cocktail with friends on a sunny day.

“As you progress, the dining area transitions from ‘public’ to ‘intimate,’” says Jimerson. “That’s reflected in the flooring, which shifts from porcelain tile to carpeting, as well as a change in ceiling elevation.”

In a spacious lounge, carpeting, warm lights and a double-sided stone fireplace will create a sense of elegance and comfort. Inspiration for the décor was drawn from Florida’s natural beauty and the close-knit Winter Park community.

There’s plenty to look forward to at the Club House and Bistro – but that’s just the beginning of what The Mayflower has to offer. With brand-new residences, a new Health Center, and so much more, Bristol Landing will create an environment where people can live better, longer.

Only a limited number of new residences will be built, though, so don’t miss the boat! For more information about Bristol Landing at The Mayflower, including renderings and floor plans, visit our expansion websitesend us a message, or give us a call at 407-672-1620.