Welcome to part two of “By Design,” The Mayflower’s blog series on art, architecture and culture. You can read part one here, where architect Emily Jimerson discussed how design and décor can foster warmth, friendship and good spirits. Now, we continue our behind-the-scenes design tour of the upcoming Club House and Bistro at The Mayflower.

As we get older, it can seem that our stresses, responsibilities, and worries about the future give us less time for fun. But research suggests happiness and recreation are key to well-being – at any age.

“We almost have a guilt about it,” says Susan Magsamen, senior adviser to the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute. “If we’re playing, we must not be working … but giving yourself permission to enjoy things makes all of your life fuller and richer. Play awakens the sort of thinking that leads us to write novels, compose music, design buildings, and make scientific discoveries.”

Fun can contribute to health in a big way, and, as we discussed in part one of this blog series, our surroundings play a big role in how much fun we’re having. But creating a space designed for recreation isn’t all fun and games, says architect Emily Jimerson.

In designing the upcoming Club House and Bistro at The Mayflower’s new neighborhood, Bristol Landing, Jimerson and her team wanted to create a sense of “playful sophistication.” Because the Club House will be the centerpiece and go-to gathering spot, that meant every detail had to be accounted for – from the Game Room and Theater to the open-concept Bistro.

“The challenge of designing the Club House and Bistro was creating a sense of elevated warmth,” she explains. “It needed connection – and space – along with an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, while allowing for efficient service and operations behind the scenes.”

To accomplish that, the Game Room and Theater were located at the heart of the building – literally and metaphorically, the center of the action. With direct access to the bar, lounge and Bistro, the space is ideal for festive gatherings and social events.

The focal point of the Game Room will be the billiards table, accented by a decorative pendant light. But residents can also gather around adjacent tables for cards or casual drinks. The ceiling in the space was uniquely designed to continue into the Theater; during special events, the large double doors can be opened for a spacious gathering area.

In the Theater, bar-height seating and reclining lounge chairs offer a comfortable, adaptable viewing experience for both movies and sporting events. Dimmable lighting and decorative wall sconces add to the ambiance.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a beautiful and functional space for residents and staff alike – a place to unwind, relax, and have fun,” adds Jimerson.

While there’s plenty to look forward to at the Club House and Bistro, that’s just the beginning of what The Mayflower has to offer. With brand-new residences, a new Health Center, and so much more, Bristol Landing will create an environment where people can live better, longer.

Keep an eye out for future entries in our By Design blog series – and, to read past blogs, visit our archives. For more information about Bristol Landing at The Mayflower, including renderings and floor plans, visit our expansion website, send us a message, or give us a call at 407-672-1620.