What will you do for you in 2022? After the challenges of the past two years, maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands … make a change … and live with fewer worries.

Pursuing positivity (and limiting the amount of stress in your life) can have a considerable impact on health and wellness – and research also suggests that people who feel more fulfilled are more likely to try new things, seek out social connections, and stay resilient in the face of challenges.

“Happiness is important … not only because it feels good,” noted the Mather Institute in its 2021 Age Well Study. “It’s associated with other important outcomes, such as better physical and mental health, more positive social interactions, and greater creativity.”

That philosophy is at the heart of The Mayflower’s approach to wellness, and it’s the reason we designed our community to make life easier by reducing stress – emotionally, physically and financially.

  • Emotionally. If you find yourself worn out by the hassles of everyday life (or just never want to change a light bulb again), good news: The Mayflower offers a maintenance-free lifestyle where everything is taken care of.

    “Here, I can be carefree, and not have to worry about all those home ownership headaches,” says Mayflower resident Cathy Everett. “All that is stressful – and a big part of healthy aging is not having to worry about things that don’t really matter.”

  • Physically. At The Mayflower, healthy living is made easy by our wide variety of wellness programs and activities – including our state-of-the-art Fitness Center, sparkling outdoor pool, monthly wellness lectures, and full complement of classes ranging from aerobics to Zumba.

    Of course, that’s not all. With more opportunities to relax and unwind, spark new friendships, and learn throughout life, residents can thrive in body, mind and soul. As resident Emmett Clary puts it: “We don’t feel old here … we never even think about our age! Life here is full of possibilities.”

  • Financially. Moving to a Life Plan Community like The Mayflower empowers you to take control of your future … by preparing for it Our community now offers more choices than ever for guaranteed, discounted long-term healthcare, providing peace of mind, no matter what comes next.

    “When people don’t plan ahead, they lose the freedom to make choices about their care,” says resident Martha Williamson. “I’m glad we came early enough that we can take full advantage of all the opportunities.”

There’s no better time to take control of your future, and no better place to do it than The Mayflower. So don’t wait: Discover a community with fewer worries, more opportunities, and healthcare assured … as well as a selection of stylish – and surprisingly affordable – apartments, one of which could be just right for you.

To learn more about everything our community has to offer (as well as our upcoming Bristol Landing expansion), send us a message or give us a call at 407.672.1620. We look forward to hearing from you!