Moving to a Life Plan Community like The Mayflower at Winter Park empowers you to take control of your future by preparing for it today. How? By giving you a viable financial planning strategy.

In addition to premier residences, services and amenities, The Mayflower provides a discounted healthcare component that protects against rising long-term care costs – offering security (your care is guaranteed) and predictability (you’ll know you’ll be paying less. Choosing a Life Plan Community is a major decision with significant financial considerations. Agreement options vary and have different advantages.

More Choice. To provide more financial choices for people moving to our community, The Mayflower is now offering a new Life Plan agreement, in addition to our current Life Care agreement. While both agreements deliver the same array and quality of services, amenities, and benefits, the new Life Plan Agreement offers a lower cost in independent living.

For both agreements, the average family invests roughly the same – just at different times and in different ways. To summarize briefly:

New Life Plan Agreement: Lower Entrance and Monthly Fees. With the Life Plan Agreement, you pay lower entrance and monthly fees in independent living and when you access healthcare services such as assisted living or skilled nursing care, your cost for healthcare will still be 10 percent less than the market rate.

The Life Care Agreement: Long-Term Savings. Life Care Agreement fees are higher for independent living so fees are lower if long-term care is needed. With this option, rates for healthcare are reduced by about 60 percent as compared to market rates.

Offering a choice of agreements provides flexibility that allows more people to enjoy The Mayflower lifestyle. Our new Life Plan option is also intended to be a good complement to Long Term Care policies, or for those who feel they can self-insure if care is needed.

“Having more choices is a good thing – and it has become a trend in the senior living industry,” says Candy Bowling, Mayflower CFO. “We’ve heard from residents and prospects that monthly fees, in particular, are a major focus – and our new agreement addresses that. We’ve studied it for a while and know that it makes good sense. Now, future residents have a different financial option with lower monthly fees, which may be better suited to their personal needs and individual financial plans.”


From stress-free living to assured long-term care, Life Plan Communities offer a host of advantages and lots of options. To learn more about our new agreement, our new neighborhood under construction – and all the exciting developments happening at The Mayflower – send us a message or call 407.672.1620. We look forward to hearing from you!