Carefree Living

at Its Best

Relax in a heated swimming pool. Take a tai chi class. Enjoy an in-room massage. Explore gourmet dining options. Enroll in a class at nearby Rollins College. Stay active with fun activities. Our amenity-rich lifestyle is uniquely tailored to meet your personal interests in a maintenance-free environment to make your life as worry-free as possible.



The Mayflower’s beautiful campus provides a serene setting for enjoying our outdoor lifestyle options. From meeting friends for happy hour or savoring an ice cream social with neighbors on the spacious patio, our stunning scenery and perfect weather make the outdoors a favorite place to be. Three ponds lined with paved walking trails provide a fresh-air getaway residents love, especially with cozy nooks along the way for seating — a wonderful opportunity to ponder good memories, write a letter to a loved one, feed the ducks, and more.

Card and

Game Room

One of our most popular spaces to gather for a good time is the card and game room. This multipurpose room features a pool table that’s home to a very active group of billiards players, as well as tables and chairs to host card game lovers for engaging rounds of poker, bridge, and Rummikub. Because this space opens directly onto the patio, it also functions as a prime area for religious services, meeting, and more.



Another versatile space that hosts larger events is The Standish — an all-purpose meeting/event room with a stage, sound system, and dance floor. It’s no secret our parties at The Mayflower have an outstanding reputation among residents! Whether celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Octoberfest, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, exceptionally decorated parties with a glorious buffet and an open bar can be found on the calendar year-round! When not in celebration mode, this space also serves as a wonderful venue for lectures, concerts, devotions, and special events.



Who doesn’t love the cozy ambiance of a library? This popular venue lined with books features a large reading table with comfortable chairs perfect for diving into your favorite author or reading the headlines from one of our subscriptions to USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Our inviting library offers a collection of engaging subjects to appeal to varying audiences, from the classics to current best sellers.

Arts and


Our creative and very talented residents adore the dedicated space to arts and crafts! You can find a number of activities happening — knitting group, craft classes, holiday projects, painting, etc. Plus, with convenient access to high-quality sewing machines in the room, it’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community thanks to some of our residents who volunteer to make clothes for children and provide tailoring for injured veterans.



At The Mayflower, we want our visitors, and families and friends of loved ones to feel just as comfortable and at home as they can. Our guest suites allow this option as we extend the same comfort and thoughtful design to residents’ families; our guest suites are warm and inviting.

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