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At The Mayflower, rank has its privileges. Make plans now to join our worry-free waitlist and escape any cares about the future, plus enjoy all the benefits that come with being part of your club of choice.



Whether you’re ready to move to The Mayflower soon or if the decision is a few years down the road, you can start enjoying everything our luxury Life Plan Community has to offer by joining the Captain’s Club. Reserved exclusively for individuals who have made a deposit on their future home at The Mayflower, members will receive a host of privileges reserved only for them.

The Captain’s Club offers two membership levels:

  • INSIGNIA LEVEL – for those who make a $2,000 deposit.

  • MEDALLION LEVEL – available to prospective residents who make a deposit equal to 10% of the entrance fee.

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Rank has its privileges! When you join The Mayflower’s Captain’s Club, you can enjoy all of The Mayflower’s lifestyle features, including convenient access to the community amenities and services. Learn more about the unique opportunity of Early Acceptance here.

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