When Hurricane Irma swept through Florida in late summer of 2017, it left quite a mark.

After battering the Keys and the coastline, the storm continued up the peninsula as a Category 3, racking up an estimated $500 billion in damages. Lights went out across the state: At the peak of the outages, about 65 percent of residents had no power at home.

But at The Mayflower, the week of the storm was comparatively worry-free.

“I’ve been through quite a few hurricanes,” says resident Henry Morrell. “There’s always a whole litany of things to worry about: Wind damage, water leaks, losing power, and so on. Being here makes it so much simpler. I really don’t have any of the worries I had before.”

In the days leading up to Irma’s landfall, Mayflower staff stocked up on all the essentials: bottled water, food supplies, fuel and more. They also actively communicated throughout the storm, keeping residents apprised of the latest forecasts, safety precautions, and services available on site.

That was a big relief, according to resident Diane Sandquist. “We felt very, very safe — because we knew if there were any problems at all, we could get in contact with someone,” she says. “Everything was taken care of.”

“Even during the storm, a team of volunteer staff members — and their families — stayed overnight to continue serving us,” adds Henry. “There’s one comment made by new residents 100 percent of the time: ‘I wish I’d moved here sooner.’ This sort of thing is exactly why.”

The Mayflower is designed for safety and security all year round, and that extends to its emergency backup generator. When power went out, the community was able to supply electricity for medical services, lighting, accessible elevators, meal preparation, and charging outlets for residents’ phones and tablets.

“Anyone who’s been a homeowner understands the worries you have when a hurricane is on the way,” Diane says. “But living at The Mayflower completely alleviates them.”

“Most of all, we weren’t just sitting in our apartments and worrying,” Henry adds. “We had companionship — we were inviting friends over for ‘hurricane parties’; we were hosting get-togethers in the lobby. It was an experience that brought us together.”

You can’t predict all of life’s storms, but you can prepare for them. Life Plan Communities like The Mayflower can help you take control of your future by offering stability, predictability and peace of mind.

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