“How do the places in which we live influence how we live?” That question has inspired decades of study in the fields of urban planning and psychology, and researchers continue to find strong evidence human health is a product of our environment.

Well-designed communities foster opportunities to stay active and fit, connect with neighbors and friends, and enjoy fresh air and fresh food. Simple as it sounds, those factors make a significant difference – and here in Winter Park, we’re fortunate to live in a city that embraces all of the above.

Known for its picturesque brick roads, elegant boutiques and oak-shaded sidewalks, Winter Park also intentionally advances healthy living by investing in policies and public places that “encourage healthy active lifestyles … [and] bring communities together in a common place without the constraints of everyday life.”

Consider just a few ways Winter Park is helping neighbors live better together:

  • Outdoor Spaces. Greener, more pedestrian-friendly communities boost physical activity while reducing air pollution, both of which add up to better lifelong health. Winter Park locals enjoy 335 acres of dedicated park and nature areas, including the 11-acre Central Park, located right in the heart of downtown, and Mead Botanical Gardens, a 49-acre urban oasis. The Mayflower’s 29.5-acre campus, just minutes away, is no exception.
  • Ways to Get Moving. Whether you’re heading out for a lakefront bike ride, finding your focus at Yoga in the Park, or playing a round at the city’s 100-year-old golf course, Winter Park offers abundant opportunities to stay active – including seminars, group classes, and health screening events throughout the year.
  • Healthy Choices. If you’ve ever enjoyed a bustling Saturday morning at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, you’ve seen how our city goes the extra mile to encourage a balanced diet. These approachable offerings are a reminder that eating nutritious food isn’t just good for you – it’s fun and flavorful too!

At The Mayflower, we’re proud to share in Winter Park’s vibrant community, and we’re equally committed to holistic, lifelong well-being. From our two state-of-the-art fitness centers to our award-winning continuum of healthcare, residents have more ways than ever to pursue wellness, purpose and connection at any age.

Find out more about our commitment to supporting every dimension of wellness, and embark on your Life Plan today. Get in touch or give us a call at 407.672.1620 to plan your visit. We look forward to hearing from you!