Emmett and Jo Clary never turn down an adventure. The couple, who met in high school and are bilingual in Spanish and English, have traveled and worked in Mexico and Puerto Rico, as well as across the United States.

Once, they drove across the country coast-to-coast, stopping at every National Park along the way. “We traveled 8,000 miles and had two flat tires,” recalls Emmett. “But it’s all part of the experience!”

As the years passed, however, the couple began looking for ways to simplify. They still wanted an active lifestyle – but not one that required so much upkeep, says Emmett: “We had a big Tampa home and a pool, and it was a lot to manage. I didn’t want to do yard work or change lightbulbs anymore.”

It was time for the Clarys’ next adventure.

In search of a more all-encompassing solution, they researched several options. And it wasn’t long before they agreed: The Mayflower was their top pick. “It was the nicest community by far – such a friendly atmosphere,” says Emmett. “We don’t feel old here … we never even think about our age.”

Now acclimated to their new lifestyle, the couple looks forward to a future “full of possibilities.” Emmett, who spent his career in telecommunications, is an avid outdoorsman who kayaked every waterway within 100 miles of Tampa. These days, he gets his exercise by swimming laps in The Mayflower’s pool.

For Jo, a former office manager and Red Cross volunteer who was born in Cuba, the biggest advantage is the stress-free lifestyle and healthcare assurance The Mayflower provides. “Everything’s right here, from the doctor to the hair salon,” she says. “I like that feeling – not having any worries, just knowing you’ll be taken care of if the need arises. It’s a load off your mind.”

She was hesitant about the move at first, she admits: “At some point, you wonder if you’re ready to make the change, but you’re afraid to. And I can tell you – that was me. But this was the best move that we ever made, and all I can say now is: We should have done it sooner!”

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