When The Mayflower embarked on its largest-ever expansion project, we weren’t afraid to dream big. And there’s no better example of how we brought those dreams to life than our brand-new Club House – a stunning 9,800-sq.-ft. social venue that celebrated its grand opening last month.

“Whenever we start on a new project like the Club House, we focus on the vision first,” says architect Emily Jimerson of SFCS, The Mayflower’s architectural firm. “What do we want it to look like? How do we want it to feel and function? Rather than starting with what attributes will go where, we want to drill down to the ‘why.’”

For the Club House, that vision was simple but ambitious: to create a venue that would be the heart of the community. Blending dining and recreational venues – including bistro-style dining at the new Cru Quarters restaurant, an elegant bar and lounge, game and card areas, and a media room with theater-style seating – it would offer something for everyone.

“Even from the outside, it projects an open, welcoming atmosphere – a ‘beacon’ that invites people to come in and relax,” says Jimerson. “At the front, glass panes and wide doors soften the transition between indoors and out and fill the space with light – and at the far side, we shift back into nature with the beautiful pond and patio.”

From the moment they arrive, visitors will notice a blend of timeless and modern design. The signature vaulted natural wood ceiling draws the eye upward, embracing the space. In honor of The Mayflower’s namesake, the structure resembles the hull of an old sailing vessel. Chic furnishings, expansive windows, and abstract, cool-toned art create an inviting, contemporary ambience accented by a stunning, double-sided fireplace.

“If the Club House is the heart of The Mayflower, the fireplace is the heart of the Club House,” Jimerson says. “It’s a focal point where people can sit, converse, and enjoy the view – whether you’re getting a bite to eat or playing billiards in the game room.”

Of course, creating such a multifunctional space came with challenges. “We needed to be versatile,” says Jimerson. “Because of how the spaces were arranged, creating visibility and privacy throughout the building was a top priority.”

For instance, the back of the bar features sliding panels that open to the game room, so players don’t need to interrupt their game to enjoy a cold beverage. And for larger events or film screenings, the game room and media room can open into a shared space with overflow seating, offering more flexibility in how the different areas can be used.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of the finished Club House, says Jimerson, is how closely it aligns with the team’s original vision.

“To be honest, this is one of the few projects that turned out almost exactly how we envisioned it,” she says. “It was a great team effort – the interior designers, architects, contractors, and

The Mayflower itself – all of us were working toward the same strong vision, and everyone did a fantastic job.”

From innovative cuisine and rejuvenated wellness programs … to brand-new planning options for those considering a move to our community, The Mayflower has so much to explore – and the Club House is just the start. Don’t wait to take a closer look! Send us a message or give us a call at 407.672.1620 to request more information or schedule your personal tour.