Martha and Jim Williamson didn’t have to wonder whether or not they’d like living at The Mayflower. They already knew … long before they moved in. That’s because the couple had joined the Captain’s Club, and they were able to take advantage of a long list of perks that come with membership.

It was part of the couple’s take-charge approach to their future.

A former psychotherapist, Martha knows the risks of not being proactive. “From talking to my clients, I saw that when people don’t plan ahead, they lose the freedom to make choices about their care,” she recalls. “I’m a major ‘advance planner’ — and I realized very early on that I didn’t want us to make that mistake.”

So, the Williamsons did their research and crunched the numbers to decide on a community that would check all the boxes. They found it at The Mayflower.

“It’s not a question of if, but when, something unexpected will happen,” says Martha. “When it does, you don’t want to be searching for somewhere you can go — so don’t wait too long. I’m glad we came early enough that we can take full advantage of the opportunities.”

Because she’d joined the Captain’s Club, Martha began working out regularly at The Mayflower’s Fitness Center even before they moved in.

“My husband likes to walk around campus, and I also enjoy doing that,” she says. “But, as a rule, if you leave it up to me to get exercise, it probably won’t get done! That’s why I love the organized classes they have here: The instructor and classmates know you by name, so they’ll notice if you don’t show up.”

When Martha’s not working up a sweat in class, she’s kept her mind active through community programs like “Think Tank” — a forum where residents discuss current events — as well as the Weekend Writers program. A lover of literature, she also attended a series of lectures on Tolstoy.

“You have to keep challenging yourself: Get exercise, use your brain, and find projects that you can really contribute to,” she says. “The key to thriving as an older adult is planning ahead and facing the future head-on.”

Whether The Mayflower is going to be a part of your life plan sometime soon — or if your decision is a few years down the road — you can start enjoying everything we have to offer by joining our Captain’s Club today!

Reserved exclusively for those who have made a deposit on their future home, the Captain’s Club offers a host of VIP privileges … including locking in your entrance fee for 12 months after you join. For more information about the Captain’s Club — and to learn how you can join — send us a message or call 407.672.1620. We look forward to hearing from you!