As a proud alumna of Florida Technological University’s (now UCF’s) first-ever freshman class, Cathy Everett has always been a trailblazer of sorts.

In her 35-year career in computer science, she bucked the stereotypes of a male-dominated field to become a project manager for Lockheed Martin’s internal security systems. No less driven in her personal life, she enjoys diverse hobbies ranging from mountain biking to music.

But after retiring, she found herself looking for more to do.

“Living alone in a large house on the river in Titusville — with all the upkeep that entailed — just didn’t make sense,” she recalls. “I started looking at the communities nearby, but nothing met my needs. I wanted more activities, more people, and more things going on.”

When Cathy visited The Mayflower, she was charmed by the scenic campus, stylish apartments, and warm, inviting atmosphere. But what really made the difference was the lifestyle: With maintenance-free living and assured healthcare close to home, it was the solution she’d been searching for.

“People don’t realize that if you live long enough, you’ll have to make decisions about your health. There’s no way around it,” she says. “I think if more people in my generation understood the opportunities and advantages The Mayflower offers, they’d be more inclined to take a look.”

Fellow resident and UCF graduate, Rochelle “Rikki” Hanin concurs. She knew of The Mayflower’s outstanding reputation, but it wasn’t until she moved in that she truly realized the myriad benefits of living there.

“I have friends who don’t think a senior living community is for them,” she says. “But I look around and see that this is a place where you come to really live. There are music programs, people discussing art, intellectual discussions — always something interesting going on.”

To those who know Rikki, it’s no surprise that she prefers to be at the heart of the action. In her career in telecommunications, she made a name for herself as “the woman who gets the job done.” She also worked on political campaigns, served on the board of Hillel at UCF for many years, and continues to support her local synagogue as a volunteer.

At The Mayflower, she looks forward to staying as engaged as ever — without worrying about the future. “Whether it’s a pandemic or a hurricane, I know I’m in a safe place,” she says. “And that’s a wonderful feeling.”

Adds Cathy: “Here, I can be carefree and not have to worry about all those home ownership headaches like house and lawn maintenance. All that is stressful — and a big part of healthy aging is keeping your stress level down and not having to worry about things that don’t really matter. The Mayflower solved all those problems!”

If you’re ready to make life easier, we can help you do that — with maintenance-free living and healthcare assurance in stunning, customizable, and surprisingly affordable apartment residences. To learn more (or to schedule your personal appointment), call 407.672.1620 or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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