Henry Morrell moved to The Mayflower seeking the security of long-term healthcare. What he found was a whole new life.

“After my wife passed away, the house got quieter and quieter – and my world was getting smaller,” he says. “I didn’t want to live alone – and I needed a change, so I started looking at senior living communities.”

A Florida native, Henry was familiar with The Mayflower’s reputation for outstanding quality and service – and the guarantee of onsite care made his decision simple. But until he moved in, he didn’t realize how much his lifestyle would change. As he acclimated to his new home, his horizons began expanding. From friendships and dinner invitations to a host of programs and activities, every day brought something new.

“I started taking lectures on art and literature, topics that have always interested me,” Henry recalls. “I was asked to join The Mayflower Singers, and I learned to read music — I’ve never done anything like that in my life!”

A former engineer and Georgia Tech graduate, Henry was also recruited to help with the community’s in-house television program — and he’s now the program editor. When not mastering new technology in the studio, he can be found adhering to a strict fitness regimen – either swimming laps in The Mayflower’s heated pool or working out in the community’s Fitness Center. From golf and tennis to high-intensity aerobics, he’s always ready to try something new.

“Fitness is like a religion for me!” he says. “Anywhere I can get exercise, I do — whether that’s taking the stairs or going to fitness classes. The more you’re in motion and the more active you are, the better you’re going to be, the older you get.”

Even back problems haven’t sidelined him. Instead of easing off on fitness, Henry just changed his venue — diving into the pool, where he spends 45-60 minutes every day, year-round, doing physical therapy exercises. “My son is an orthopedic surgeon — and he and his doctor friends say that you’ve got to keep moving,” he says. “I’m taking his advice.”

Equally important as staying active and involved, Henry is also enjoying the camaraderie and social life at The Mayflower.

“From the staff to the residents, we’re really like one big family here,” he says. “I’m having a lot of fun — and coming to The Mayflower was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has truly changed my life.”


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