Welcome back to “The Whole Picture,” our new blog series on wellness! If you missed part one of this series, be sure to check out our last post on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Today, we’ll dive into the concept of “social wellness” and learn how friendship and community can uplift and invigorate us.


It is said that a longer life is lived with good company, and that’s especially true as we age. From sparking new friendships to building a strong support network, social connection plays a big role in lifelong health.

“Building those positive connections with others gives us purpose,” says Sarah Burke, The Mayflower’s wellness coordinator. “Whatever happens in life, good or bad, we know we’re not alone. And that’s vital to aging well.”

There’s plenty of research to bear out that philosophy. Studies show that having fun with friends can protect your heart health, give your immune system a boost, and even help you live longer. Meanwhile, collaborating with others – whether you’re serving on a committee or singing in a choir – can shore up your brain’s “cognitive reserve” and protect against memory problems later in life.

Plus, the wider your social circle, the more likely you are to get plenty of exercise and stay physically fit – a phenomenon that Sarah sees often in the fitness programs she leads at The Mayflower.

“When you’re around people who have the same interests and motivations as you, it’s so much easier and more fun to get active,” she says. “Sometimes in classes, everyone will be so busy laughing and carrying on that we get off track – but that’s exactly the kind of ‘problem’ I love to have.”

That welcoming, gracious atmosphere is part of what makes The Mayflower such a great place to live – and, according to resident Anna Neville, it played a big role in her decision to move in several years ago.

“When I came here, I didn’t know anybody,” she recalls. “But you soon realize that there are lots of friends here – and classes, concerts, trips, and so many other ways to get involved.”

Since joining the community, Anna has enjoyed the chance to spend more time on the hobbies she’s always loved, like singing and flower gardening. And thanks to the wide range of activity groups, classes, and resident-led programs, her social calendar is busier than ever.

“There are so many delightful people and so many ways to get involved,” she says. “Anytime you reach out or try something new, you get just as much back.”


If you’re interested in getting to know our community, we’d love to have you for a visit. With a selection of stylish apartments to choose from – and brand-new models available for touring now – it’s the best time to discover all the advantages of life at The Mayflower.

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