A warm smile. Effortless excellence. A server who knows you by name … and remembers your favorite cocktail, your go-to lunch order, and the way you like your steak.

Those are just a few of the little details that make a big difference at The Mayflower’s Club House – a stunning 9,800+-sq.-ft. venue that celebrated its grand opening last March. And as the director of the new amenity, Adolfo Suarez is leading the way to ensure every guest is met with an exceptional experience.

Old-fashioned hospitality is a value Suarez learned early on in life. Born to Italian and Cuban parents who immigrated to the States, he was often left in the care of his grandmother while his mother and father were at work – and much of that time was spent in the kitchen.

“I was a bit of a handful of a kid, so the only way my grandmother could keep an eye on me was by cooking with me and giving me tasks to do,” Suarez recalls. “And one thing she always told me was, ‘What you serve your family is love on a plate.’ It’s not just food – it’s how you show them you care.”

The lessons he learned in his grandmother’s kitchen eventually led him to embark on a hospitality career that spanned the globe. “I’ve worked everywhere from bars to country clubs,” he says. “In Las Vegas, in LA, in Europe, in Hong Kong and Macau – I’ve even gotten to serve at the Academy Awards.”

By early 2023, Suarez had established himself in Central Florida as a general manager with the Winter Park Racquet Club on Lake Maitland – but he was ready for a change. And when he heard that The Mayflower was looking for a director who could get its new restaurant off the ground, he knew it was the perfect opportunity.

Joining the team with only a few months left until the Club House’s grand opening, Suarez had his work cut out for him. In addition to a sophisticated restaurant – Cru Quarters – the venue would also feature spaces for social events and recreation, including a game room, theatre room, outdoor patio, and wine bar and lounge.

Execution was everything, says Suarez: “All of it – food, service, presentation – had to be right on the mark: If you took Cru Quarters and dropped it in Park Avenue or downtown Orlando, it would measure up to the best restaurants around.”

Amidst a whirlwind of preparation, Suarez stayed true to The Mayflower’s commitment to quality and innovation – not only hiring and training a well-honed team, but also passing on his knowledge of service to the next generation.

“It really is our pleasure to serve,” he says. “Not just to take orders and carry food, but to build a relationship with each person we meet over the course of weeks or months – and that’s something you just can’t achieve at a traditional restaurant.”

For more than three decades, The Mayflower has earned a reputation as Winter Park’s finest – and we believe the difference lies in the details. It shows in our award-winning healthcare … our maintenance-free, worry-free lifestyle … and the best-in-class culture, wellness, entertainment and cuisine we bring to the table every day.

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