Lawn care, roof repair, leaky pipes, storm prep: Life is full of snags, hassles and nuisances that can multiply with time. Keeping up with that balance can leave you feeling overwhelmed, without enough time to focus on doing what you love.

But the solution isn’t necessarily to minimize – it’s to prioritize.

For Sandy Grider, the answer was easy. After 20 years living alone, she was familiar with the headaches of home ownership – and finally, she knew enough was enough. “I was going up and down stairs all day, and I wasn’t about to get on a ladder when I needed a lightbulb changed,” she recalls. “I wanted something simpler.”

While visiting The Mayflower, she heard that an apartment would be available in a few months. “I thought I was dreaming!” she recalls. “Of course, I called my financial advisors and crunched the numbers – but my mind was made up.”

She moved in just a few months later, and she’s glad she did.

“Once I decided to move, it became so easy to streamline my life,” Sandy says. “That’s a huge part of the relief of living here. Moving hasn’t limited me at all; it’s actually added to the opportunities I have.”

With less to worry about, she says she’s jumped in “feet-first” to life in her new community – making new friends, serving on committees, taking part in book clubs, heading to class at The Mayflower Fitness Center and more. It’s an environment that gives her plenty of freedom and control, as well as the security and luxury of maintenance-free living.

“I’m still out and about, independent, doing everything I’ve always done,” she says. “But everything I could need or want is right here.”

Just as important, Sandy and her family know she’ll have the care she needs down the road. From basic checkups to skilled nursing, The Mayflower’s comprehensive suite of on-site healthcare services are designed for lifelong wellness.

“It’s a weight off my shoulders,” she says. “Responsibilities just seem to pile up sometimes, and that’s true for my kids, too, who have families of their own. To know that they don’t have to worry about me is a big deal.”

When it comes to simplifying your future, Sandy’s advice is simple: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s today or ten years from now – you’ll still have to figure out your next move. Better to do that when you’re healthy and active, and not as a last resort.”

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