Early Acceptance

A unique option for

Residency at The Mayflower

Experience peace of mind with The Mayflower’s new Early Acceptance program—offered exclusively to members of The Mayflower’s Captain’s Club. Early Acceptance residents have the freedom and flexibility to continue to live in their own homes with access to the highest quality of care if necessary.

As a member of this program, you will enjoy


Once accepted into the Early Acceptance program, you can enjoy all of The Mayflower’s lifestyle features and convenient access to all the community amenities and services such as

    • Assurance that change in health status won’t prevent you from moving into the community.
    • Enjoy the health services at our primary care clinic and on-site services.
    • Access to The Mayflower’s Medicare-covered outpatient physical, speech, and occupational therapies.
    • Access to The Mayflower’s Assisted Living and Health Center for respite, rehabilitation, or permanent long-term care needs.
    • Access to The Mayflower’s fitness center, pool, restaurants, and activities.
    • Special wait list member opportunity to claim their perfect residence for the future.


Join your friends who live at The Mayflower for weekly events. Don’t miss out on all social, educational, recreational, spiritual, and cultural events and activities in the community.

Act Now

The Early Acceptance program is a special offering available to a limited amount of memberships. Sign up today and enjoy all that The Mayflower offers.

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