How is healthy eating tied to healthy living? How can we reimagine our relationship with food to enhance our lives? From fresher ingredients to cutting-edge techniques, more chefs are bringing innovative ideas to the kitchen – so you can have great cuisine that’s great for you, too.

According to Forbes, it was the Boomers who launched the “foodie frenzy” in the ‘80s and ‘90s – and over the years, they haven’t lost their appetite. Today’s wellness-conscious older adults are still hungry for more: more choices on the menu, more dining options, and more insight into the creative process that goes into cooking … all wrapped up in an elevated culinary “experience.”

In answer to these discerning diners, chefs are experimenting with up-and-coming trends to strike the perfect balance between good health and great food:

  • Delicious meets Stand aside, salads – it’s time for variety in the world of healthful dining. Instead of calorie-dense cooking techniques like sauteing or frying, culinary teams are opting for sous-vide, grilling and roasting … and they’re also sourcing fruits and vegetables locally to bring more freshness and flavor to the table.
  • Culinary customization. As a growing body of evidence supports the health benefits of plant-based, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, menus are expanding to make these choices available to guests – and to offer easy replacements for common ingredients. Meanwhile, grab-and-go and al fresco dining options also provide more freedom in how diners enjoy their meal.
  • Dialogue between chef and diner. Like any art, fine cooking is something you appreciate more as you learn how it’s created – and by whom. Today, guests enjoy more insight than ever into the culinary process through live chef demonstrations and food and wine pairings … and at The Mayflower’s new Cru Quarters restaurant, diners can watch their meals being prepared to order thanks to an open-concept kitchen.
  • The best in hospitality. An outstanding meal starts with the food on your plate, but it’s the details that can make or break your dining experience. The concept of “country club” or “resort” style dining – with great service, great ambience, and great company – is growing in popularity, as restaurants look beyond the menu for more ways to satisfy their guests.

From brick-oven-fired pizza, beer on tap, and a selection of 100 wine labels at our stunning new Club House … to delicious dishes at The Grille, and formal dining in The Winslow, The Mayflower is dreaming big to create culinary delights that are fresher, healthier, and more flavorful. It’s one small part of our commitment to excellence throughout our community – feeding wellness, fulfillment, and growth throughout life.

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