Outgoing, engaging and passionate about his work, Executive Chef Patrick Tramontana brings joie de vivre to every dish, from the lightest starter to the most decadent dessert. And since joining the Mayflower, he’s elevated dining to a whole new level.

A few years ago, The Mayflower set out to transform the image and expectations for dining in a Life Plan Community with innovative cuisine that could rival any restaurant in the area – and having a locally renowned, highly experienced chef on board to lead the culinary team was essential to success. Patrick Tramontana was the perfect candidate.

Born to a “big, warm, accepting Italian family” on Long Island, he grew up working in his older brothers’ pizzeria and later trained at the Orlando Culinary Academy, an affiliate of Le Cordon Bleu Schools North America. During his nine-year tenure as executive chef at Antonio’s Maitland, he earned a reputation among Orlando’s foodies.

Writing for the Orlando Sentinel, food editor Amy Drew Thompson described his eye-catching dishes with admiration: “Fine proteins and pastas with swirls of basil and chili oil – flurries of imported cheese, bubble-filled breads from lovingly crafted bigas, housemade tuilles and gelatos, as well as toothy, rustic pizzas.”

As soon as Chef Patrick joined the Mayflower team, he brought that creativity to bear in creating a new experience at all three Mayflower dining venues: white-tablecloth fine dining at The Winslow, creative cocktails and pub fare at The Grille, and a seasonal, bistro-style menu with curated wine pairings at Cru Quarters, which celebrated its grand opening earlier this year.

His well-honed expertise in high-class dining was a perfect fit for the role, and his influence shines through in the results. Aided by a new reservations system, he and his team have doubled down on service standards and transitioned from batch preparation to a complete “cook to order” system, which enhances the quality and flavor of the dishes.

“When it comes to chefs, you have some that are very creative, some that are great managers, and some that are great with people,” commented Elvis Burrows, Director of Dining Services at The Mayflower. “Rarely do you have someone like Patrick that combines the three. He brought a new sense of excitement into the kitchen.”

It’s easy to see how his artistry influenced the fall and winter menu at Cru Quarters, which features gourmet burgers and brick-oven-fired pizza alongside albariño charred octopus, filet mignon, shrimp agnolotti and lobster risotto.

But while there’s no question that Chef Patrick’s dishes are among the best (they’ve earned several first-place awards at local competitions) he’ll tell you that what really sets The Mayflower’s dining experience apart is the chance to build a relationship between chef and diner.

“It’s different than just making someone a good meal and making them happy for the moment,” he commented in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel. “You’re part of their lives every day. They feel like we’re a part of their family, and I feel like I’m a part of theirs, too.”

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