Seven in ten adults over the age of 65 will need long term care at some point in their lives, according to AARP. You may not be one of them … but if you are, wouldn’t it be a comfort to know that you had guaranteed access to the care you need in an award-winning facility that’s comfortable, homelike, and state-of-the-art?

That peace of mind is what you’ll find at The Mayflower. Here, you can take control of your future by planning for the “what-ifs” and knowing that the most significant of those – your healthcare – will be in good hands.

“When you live at The Mayflower, you never have to worry about ‘what if,’” says Ben Anderson, Director of Health Services. “We create a safe, secure environment that supports the whole-person health of our residents, whatever their needs and wherever they are on life’s path.”

And there’s no better example of that commitment than our stunning Health Center, which opened its doors in late 2022. The freestanding 84,842-sq.-ft. building provides a wide range of services including Short-Term Rehab (Allerton Cove) and Memory Support (Stafford Shores) – in a uniquely welcoming environment.

“From the wide-open hallways to the sunrooms on each floor, the Health Center provides a warm, welcoming ambience that matches the quality care we’ve been delivering for years,” adds Anderson. “But as beautiful as our new building is – and it is outstanding – what really sets The Mayflower apart is the pride our staff takes in what they do.”

The close relationship between our care team and residents is on full display at the new Rehab Center. The hospitality-focused space – complete with a fully equipped therapy gym and marketplace-style dining venue – features a higher than average 1:1 therapist to assistant ratio, so patients can rest assured that their care is in the best of hands.

And even after patients are discharged, they’re never ‘on their own.’ The Mayflower’s Home Health team eases the transition back to their home environment, while the therapy team can offer outpatient care to support a successful recovery.

“We’ve had a number of folks – not just from The Mayflower, but from the greater Winter Park community – who have called our care ‘the best they’ve ever had,’” Anderson adds. “There’s an attention to detail across every facet of the patient experience that you won’t find elsewhere.”

As Winter Park’s premier Life Plan Community, The Mayflower’s commitment to healthcare is at the foundation of everything we do. From independent living … to our on-campus wellness clinic … to higher levels of care, we go the extra mile to promote total well-being every step of the way.

There’s no better time to discover all the best The Mayflower has to offer: Send us a message or give us a call at 407.672.1620 to schedule your visit today. We look forward to hearing from you!