Rank Has Its Privileges

No one can predict what tomorrow will bring – but you can plan for it. One way is to ensure future access to high-quality long-term healthcare right here at The Mayflower. And whether you’re ready soon, or if the decision is a few years down the road, you can start enjoying everything our luxury retirement community has to offer by joining The Captain’s Club.

Reserved exclusively for individuals who have made a deposit on their future home at The Mayflower, The Captain’s Club offers two membership levels:

  • Insignia Level – for those who make a $2,000 deposit and are planning the move
    6–10 years out.
  • Medallion Level – available to prospective residents who make a deposit equal to
    10% of the entrance fee and plan to move to The Mayflower within 5 years.

Captain’s Club members will receive a host of privileges reserved only for them.

Insignia-level members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Invitation to Mayflower signature events
  • Lunch once a month in The Mayflower dining room
  • Participation in Mayflower travel programs, including trips to area attractions,
    cruises and international travel
  • Eligibility for Mayflower group travel rates
  • Announcements of special programs, guest artists and cultural events
  • Free subscription to Passages, The Mayflower’s award-winning newsletter

Medallion-level members get "all of the above," plus:

  • The opportunity to become a patient of The Mayflower’s in-house physician,
    a board-certified geriatrician
  • Blood pressure screening at our in-house clinic
  • Flu shots by appointment
  • Use of our meeting rooms for a small fee for your church group, bridge club,
    alumni group, etc. On-site catering can be provided at a reasonable charge.

For more information on The Captain's Club, please call our marketing department at
(407) 672-1620 or (800) 228-6518.